Our Company

Four C’s Consultants (Private) Limited is an Islamabad based limited company that aims to help transform the current health sector in Pakistan into an integrated health care system by scientific analysis & planning to formulate various schemes & business plans, for both private and public sector, to establish new health care projects or transform and revive poorly performing existing health care schemes in the primary, secondary and tertiary health care domain

Our Strategy

Our experts Critically analyze each client’s requirement s and Our Creative team formulate the most cost effective solution to each challenge. We Communicate our analysis, solution and strategy to our clients . We make a Collaborative effort to implement our business plan.

Our 4C's

We Work in following domians

Continuous education




Our Skills

Critical Thinking

Looking at problems in​ a new way, linking learning​ across subjects & disciplines


Trying new approaches​ to get things done equals​ innovation & invention​


Sharing thoughts, questions,​ ideas, and solutions


Working together to reach a​ goal — putting talent, expertise,​ and smarts to work