Liver Transplant Foundation, Pakistan (LTFP)

This is a Private Operating Foundation established by IHCC(Inc) to work as a charity in the area of organ transplantation.

Aims and Objectives and Goals

The Liver Transplant Foundation Pakistan has a short, medium and long term program in the area of its charitable work.

Working and Funds flow

THE LTFP intends to run its own charitable activities instead of making grants for charitable activities conducted by other organizations. The foundation would mainly depend on donations from individuals, Institutions, national and international organizations to run it's charitable cause in the initial stages of it's program. The foundation, however, being a private operating foundation, aims in the long run to invest funds in the liver transplant hospital to get regular net profit of its share on regular basis and depend less and less on funds raised from other sources of donation to maintain it's charitable program. The foundation would be allowed to use 85% of its funds to achieve it’s charitable cause. The remaining 15% of the funds would be allowed to be used to run the administrative machinery of the LTFP in a professional manner. The foundation would expand its financial base with the help of its professional administrative structure to expand its support to a larger segment of the relevant patient’s population.

The administrative set up

The organizational set up of the LTFP include; A Chief Executive Officer An Executive Board Administrative machinery Additional Advisory mechanism including An Advisory Board to advise on general philanthropy An Experts Board to advise on professional matters A Consultants Board to advise on strategic matters

The administrative staff

The LTFP would recruit appropriate qualified administrative staff as well as other personnel needed to carry out the program on a continuing basis. Apart from the CEO as head of the management structure, The Administrative Machinery may include Director of patients care, Director of medical research, Director of Medical education, Director of strategic planning and fund raising and a Chief Finance Officer heading their respective sections. Each section would recruit supporting staff appropriate to their needs and activity after approval by the executive board.

Method of appointment for administrative posts

The CEO would make all administrative appointments through an open competitive interview with clear recruitment qualification, eligibility and objective merit based selection process approved by the Executive Board.


All administrative posts would be paid jobs except the CEO and a fixed contract for 3 and five years terms would be decided for each job.


As per the disciplinary rules

Fund Raising Targets

Funds needed for one year 602.6 Million PKR(5,960,396 USD)

For Sponsored activity

To sponsor all Post transplant complications = 200,000 X 100 events = 20 M PKR To sponsor all Transplant evaluation & Transplant surgery 5,000,000 X 100 = 500 M PKR Total = 524 M PKR (5.24 M Dollars)

Administrative costs

78.6 Million PKR ( Escalation = 6.5%--20% per year )

Funds to be raised for Initial seed Capital for share buying in hospital

Total: 300 Million Rupees (30 M Dollars ) over 3 years